Our mission To discover, develop and
deliver specialty drugs for
unmet medical conditions

BHR Pharma, LLC is a pharmaceutical research and development company committed to bringing to market healthcare products using non-oral delivery systems with an emphasis on unmet and underserved medical needs.

Founded in 2008, BHR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Besins Healthcare, a privately held, fourth-generation French-based global pharmaceutical company. Throughout its history, Besins has discovered ground-breaking technologies and developed innovative therapies that restore, restart and regulate fundamental female and male body processes so the body can perform at its optimal level.

A world leader in novel therapies for gynecology and andrology, Besins developed AndroGel® (testosterone gel) - the original and world's leading testosterone replacement therapy. It also is a market leader in estrogen replacement therapy.

Besins products are trusted and prescribed by healthcare professionals in more than 90 countries throughout the world.

Focus on Unmet Needs

BHR applies its core expertise to identify and select new product development opportunities. Our mission is to discover, develop and deliver specialty drugs focusing on unmet medical needs. These include prostate cancer and other hormone sensitive conditions.

Enhanced Hydroalcoholic Gel (EHG®)

A number of BHR's products leverage the Enhanced Hydroalcoholic Gel (EHG®) technology pioneered by Besins. The first EHG® product was commercially launched in 1975. Like other transdermal systems, the EHG® "patchless" transdermal delivery system avoids the gut and first-pass liver metabolism, increasing bioavailability in many instances and avoiding the generation of potentially toxic metabolites. Most of the BHR development pipeline focuses on products that use the EHG® technology and other parenteral formulations.

BHR-200 (transdermal estradiol gel)
Development Program

BHR Pharma is developing BHR-200 (transdermal estradiol gel) for the palliative treatment of advanced androgen-sensitive carcinoma of the prostate.

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